Runs recues pour le Metroidvaniathon 2018

Game name Catégorie Platforme Estimé Runner name URL de la vidéo
The Messenger Any% No OOB PC 2:20:00 JeedUnit Link
The messenger Any% OoB a coté! Pc 2:00:00 Zerolaggaming Link
The Adventures of Captain Comic any% DOS 00:20:00 rockdet Link
super mario 64 cent vingt étoiles wii virtual console 1:56:01 darrow25 Link
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Any% Playstation 2 1:15:00 BlackPliff Link
Bloodstained : Curse of the moon Zangetsu only [Ultimate/Veteran] PC (steam) 00:30:00 MATtheWICKED Link
Ratchet & Clank any% PS3 2:00:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest 100% glitchless NES 1:30:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Secret Of Mana 1P2C SNES 02:15:00 ZerolagGaming Link
Axiom verge normal any% Pc 00:50:00 Realtyz Link
Light Fall any% pc 00:30:00 Realtyz Link
Light Fall 100% Pc 01:00:00 Realtyz Link
Teslagrad any% Pc 00:40:00 Realtyz Link
King of Dragons Any% SNES 00:35:00 Naramgamjan Link
Turok : Dinosaur Hunter EX Any% PC 00:40:00 Naramgamjan Link
Gone Home Any% Glitchless PC 00:01:00 radiospeedruns Link
The Unfinished Swan Paintless Minimalist PS4 00:05:00 radiospeedruns Link
Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side Switch 3:45:00 Karlyr_Na Link
Super Mario Odyssey World Peace Switch 1:25:00 Karlyr_Na Link
The Messenger Any% No OoB PC (Steam) 2:22:22 skateman222 Link
The Last Ninja Any% NES 0:12:22 skateman222 Link
Stolen First Level IGT Xbox 00h20m00s NESS_IS_GO Link
'Splosion Man Single Player(Normal) XBLA 3:00:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Blades of Steel/Harvest Moon/Fastest Speedrun ever!!! Meme runs NES/SNES 0:35:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Blaster Master Any% NES 00:38:00 Nastaros Link
Armillo Any% Wii U 1:35:00 ObiyoSRL Link
Mario Kart 64 All Cups (Skips) N64 40:00 ObiyoSRL Link
Hollow Knight Any% No Major Glitches PC 01:00:00 Avasam0612 Link
Metroid Fusion Any% GBA 01:20:00 Mickeynow Link
Metroid Fusion 100% GBA 1:50:00 Mickeynow Link
Metroid: Zero Mission Any% GBA 00:45:00 Mickeynow Link
Super Metroid Randomizer Casual SNES 01:30:00 Shokushu Link
Jurassic Park Poulet% SNES 01:10:00 Shokushu Link
Final Fantasy randomizer Any% NES (emu) 2:00:00 DD_Gamingz Link
Donkey Kong Country 2 Any% SNES 01:00:00 Shokushu Link
Rockman 4 Minus Infinity Any% NES 1:15:00 DD_Gamingz Link
Child of Light Any% PC 02:00:00 Shokushu Link
Mega Man Guitar% NES (emu) 00:35:00 DD_Gamingz Link
Hollow Knight Myla% NMG PC (Steam) 00:28:00 Avasam0612 Link
Hollow Knight Elderbug% No Major Glitches PC (Steam) 00:35:00 Avasam0612 Link
Celestial Mechanica any% PC (freeware) 00:13:00 Xelotath Link