Submitted runs for Dreamhack 2019

Game name Category Platform Estimate Runner name Video URL
Jurassic Park 1P2C SNES 01:00:00 Shokushu Link
The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time GSR (Ganondorf Source Requirement) N64 (Wii VC) 1:35:00 MorKsQC Link
The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion Any% No OoB PC 00:50:00 NamajnaG Link
Turok : Dinosaur Hunter EX Any% PC 00:45:00 NamajnaG Link
Pac-Man World 3 Any% PC 01:40:00 wooferzfg_ Link
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Randomizer Any% GameCube 02:30:00 wooferzfg_ Link
Zelda 2 100% all key Nes 1:25:00 Tweek1987 Link
Escape Goat 100% PC (Steam) 00:25:00 LaBrosse Link
Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side Switch 3:45:00 Karlyr_ Link
Super Mario Odyssey Any% Switch 1:10:00 Karlyr_ Link
Super Chariot Broken Dream Switch 1:45:00 Karlyr_ Link
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Original All Main Quest Switch 03:15:00 LouLouCore Link
Unravel 2 Any% Switch 01:30:00 LouLouCore Link
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Any% WiiU 04:15:00 LouLouCore Link
Mario kart 8 Deluxe 48 tracks items Switch 1h40m Draco655 Link
Dragon Quest III Any% SNES 03:30:00 Darko_RTA Link
Pringles Lays Stax% PC (Genesis Emu) 00:03:30 Karlyr_ Link
Magical Pop'n any% SNES 00:32:00 tm9001 Link
Ninja Gaiden any% Arcade (groovyMAME) 00:30:00 MarthSR Link
Super Dodge Ball 100% Easy NES 00:08:00 MarthSR Link
Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire A Standard PC 01:00:00 KatLink Link
Silent Hill 3 New Game PC 01:00:00 KatLink Link
BioShock Infinite Any% HRH Mod PC 02:00:00 KatLink Link
Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise HTTZZ2 League flags SNES 02:30:00 Issander vs MarthSR (c) Link
Diablo Any % Pc 00:29:00 Grisgotjunk Link
Metroid Prime Any% Gamecube 01:30:00 RealBread Link
The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer race Wii 3:30.00 Link
Ocarina of Time Randomizer race Wii Vc 3:30:00 Hyxost Link
Super Mario 64 120 Star Wii VC 1:50:00 Darrow25 Link
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Any% PC 33:33 LordStigmat Link
The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Randomiser Course Open Keysanity SNES 02:30:00 Scaryolive vs KamillBR vs LittleMsarcade vs FalconCan Link
Call of Duty: WWII Final Reich: 2P-COOP Casual Easter Egg Playstation 4 00:28:00 FukuroArt Link
Panel De Pon Super Hard SNES 00:15:00 Darko_RTA Link
Dino Crisis 2 Any% PS1 1h30m222s Deln Link
Resident Evil HD Remaster Jill Any % PC 1:45:00 JWRHarding Link
King of Dragons Any% Expert Arcade (MAME) 00:30:00 NamajnaG Link
Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise H2TZZ League flags SNES 02:30:00 Issander vs MarthSR Link
Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows Any% PC 00:45:00 Tohloo Link
A Link to the Past Randomizer Open Keysanity - Race 4 players Super Nintendo 2:30:00 falconcan Link
The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Randomiser Course Open Keysanity SNES (ému) 2:30:00 KamillBR Link
The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Randomiser Course Open Keysanity SNEs ( émulateur) 02:30:00 LittleMsArcade Link
The Messenger Any% OOB PS4 01:50:00 ZerolagGaming Link
Mega Man X4 Zero 100% Gamecube 00:50:00 ZerolagGaming Link
Secret Of Mana Any% 1P2C (No Multitap) SNES 02:22:00 ZerolagGaming Link
Wrack Any% Casual PC (Steam) 00:30:00 Moliman22 Link
Neo Turf Master Japan NeoGeo (Winkhawak emulator) 00:15:00 Moliman22 Link
Claw any% PC 55:15 Pappy_QC Link
Legend of Kay (Anniversary) Any% Playstation 4 00:50:00 LilxStarxJo Link
Devil May Cry 5 Any% Playstation 4 2:30:00 LilxStarxJo Link
The Getaway Hammond Only PS2 1:30:00 BloodGodRage Link
harvest moon mariage% snes(emu) 00:55:00 maxketchumz Link
lisa:the painful no major skip PC 1:30:00 maxketchumz Link
Little Samson Any% Easy Race NES 0:15:00 skateman222 Link
Wizards & Warriors Any% NES 0:16:00 skateman222 Link
demon's crest 100% snes emulator 00:55:00 harpo669 Link
Wizards and Warriors any% nes 00:16:00 miketheswan Link
Little Samsom any% nes 00:15:00 miketheswan Link
Donkey Kong Country 3 Any% SNES (VC-J) 0:55:00 MorKsQC Link
M.C. Kids any% NES 00:30:00 mynameisjoey Link
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers any% NES 00:12:22 SuperBigKMart Link
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers All Zones NES 00:15:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Harvest Moon any% SNES 00:03:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Disney's The Little Mermaid any% NES 00:10:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Rosenkreuzstilette Tia PC 00:40:00 Darko_RTA Link
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Green Stars Nintendo Wii/vWii 03:40:00 ActuallyImJerome Link
Super Relai Marihour Challenge Any% NES, SNES, Wii 01:00:00 Moo_Moony, SuperMegaDav, Moliman22, RockDet, TM9001 & Hyxost Link
Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% S+Q All-Stars SNES 00:15:00 SuperBigKMart Link
Super Mario Kart All Cups SNES Classic 00:40:00 Dracula013 Link
The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind Any% PC 00:13:00 NamajnaG Link
Superman Any% NES 00:35:00 BenshowSly Link
Soul blazer any% snes 2h HolySmith Link
Axiom Verge Any% PC 00:40:00 VideoGameRoulette Link
Mario Kart Wii Nitro Tracks (No Items, No Skips) Wii 00:45:00 Nico_mkwii Link
Super Metroid 135% GT Code SNES 1:30:00 azder Link
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bingo: Carte pleine Nintendo Wii/vWii 01:30:00 ActuallyImJerome Link
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bingo: Croix Nintendo Wii/vWii 00:45:00 ActuallyImJerome Link
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bingo Nintendo Wii/vWii 00:15:00 ActuallyImJerome Link
Shin Megami Tensei II Law Ending Super Famicom 02:40:00 Electra13x7777 Link
Chex Quest UV Speed PC 00:05:00 Electra13x7777 Link
PepsiMan Any% PS2 00:30:00 Moo_moony Link
Dessert Bus any% SEGA (Emu) 08:10:00 Moo_moony Link
Diddy Kong Racing 100% N64 1:55:00 Prakcity Link
Super Meat Boy Any% PC 00:21:00 Danonymous42 Link
Zelda a link to the past randomizer Coop HP/Mana Share & Enemizer SNES (emu) 1:45:00 Mortriste & Moo_Moony Link
Jimmy Neutron: Attack of The Twonkies Any% Wii 2:10:00 Deln Link
Metal Gear Solid 1 Easy Any% PlayStation 3 01:010:00 KakusuSora Link
Metal Gear Solid 1 Easy Any% PlayStation 3 01:010:00 KakusuSora Link
Zelda ALTTP Rando Coop - Beat Ganon PC 01:45:00 JeedUnit & Fenrika Link
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night An% NG+ PC 45:00 LordStigmat Link
Super mario 64 70 star n64 01:10:00 Sawce_bawss Link
Gato roboto Unrestricted Pc 00:30:00 Realtyz Link
Super Mario Land 2 DX Any% Glitchless Game Boy Color 00:33:00 SuperMegaDav Link
Super Mario Land DX Any% Game Boy Color 00:17:00 Super Mega Dav Link
Super Mario Land + Super Mario Land 2 DX Glitchless Game Boy Color 00:50:00 SuperMegaDav Link
Super Mario World Small only (Low%) SNES 00:22:00 SuperMegaDav Link
Megaman X 100% SNES 00:55:00 Bouletsdelamer Link
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Any% (No Unstuck) PC 1:00:00 SNeeaaky Link
Gato Roboto Any% - Unrestricted PC 00:30:00 SNeeaaky Link
Sonic Adventure DX Tails Story GCN 00:30:00 PerfectQuest Link
Mappy Land All Stages One Loop NES (TAS) 00:19:49 Avasam Link
M&M's Shell Shocked Any% PS2 00:50:00 Avasam Link
Tanzer Any% Sega Genesis 00:30:00 Sensato_Kuro Link
resident evil 7 Biohazard any% new game+ easy PC 1:40:00 savagesaskatch Link
Cars (GBA) Any% Game Boy Advance (Game Boy Player) 00:37:00 Nico_mkwii Link
Streemerz any% NES 0:07:00 tm9001 Link
Streemerz Any% WII (Emu Nes) 00:07:00 LaBrosse Link
Dr. Mario 0-20 SNES 35:00 Acmlm Link
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer Open keysanity SNES 2:20:00 Acmlm Link
M&M's Kart Racing Tournament Mode (DS) NDS (emu) 00:29:00 Avasam Link
Super Metroid Max% GT-Code Snes 01:33:00 FrenchLightningJohn Link
Quickie World any% EMU 00:25:00 LordFixx Link
super mario 64 16 étoiles n64 00:30:00 Lordfixx Link
Broken Reality All Triangles PC 00:30:00 SNeeaaky Link
Super Metroid Max% GT Code SNES Classic 01:32:59 CanadianOwl Link
Banjo-Tooie Any% no DCW N64 3:05:00 g0goTBC Link
Super Metroid: Ascent Any% SNES 55:00 azder Link
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer Wii VC 3:30:00 azder Link
Banjo-Tooie Any% N64 0:50:00 g0goTBC Link
Cadence of Hyrule All Dungeons switch 00:50:00 ScrubCasual Link
Mario Party Easy Coaster N64 00:00:15 ScrubCasual Link
Mario Party 2 Hard Coaster N64 01:00:00 scrubcasual Link
Sproggiwood any% easy PC (steam) 00:45:00 Scrubcasual Link
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Any% PC (Steam) 02:10:00 scrubcasual Link
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Any% NG+ PC (Blizzard) 01:20:00 scrubcasual Link
Mario Kart Wii 32 tracks (no items, no skip) Wii 1:30:00 Dracula013 Link
Postal 2 Average Difficulty Speedrun/Casual Play PC 01:30:00 JWRHarding Link
Ninja Gaiden III (jp) 3-way race NES 00:20:00 miketheswan, skateman222, sensato_kuro Link
Ninja Gaiden III Any% (J) NES 0:20:00 skateman222 Link
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : The Movie any% hard genesis (emu) 00:23:00 Mastafredz7 Link
Vs. Super Mario Bros. Warpless NES port 00:30:00 rockdet Link
Gyruss any% NES 00:35:00 rockdet Link
Mario Kart Wii 32 Tracks (No Items, No Skips) Race avec Dracula013? Wii 01:30:00 Nico_mkwii Link
Alien VS Predator Any% coop Arcade 00:42:00 Moliman22 ; MarthSR ; Moo_Moony Link
Pokémon Blue Gotta Catch Em' All Super Game Boy 2 (SNES) 2:45:00 AceGamerSam Link
Taz-Mania Any% Sega Genesis 00:20:00 AceGamerSam Link
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers All Zone NES (Emu) or PC (Steam: The Disney Afternoon Collection) 00:16:00 Keiishi Link
Gunforce Mashing% SNES 00:09:00 BlackPliff Link
Alien vs Predator Any% Coop 3 Players Arcade (GroovyMAME) 00:42:00 MarthSR, Moliman22, moo_moony Link
Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie All Main Tasks Xbox 360 0:45:00 Jaxler1 Link
Spongebob's Truth or Square Any% No LSG Xbox 360 0:50:00 Jaxler1 Link
Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions Any% Nintendo DS 00:35:00 Jaxler1 Link
Doom II Ultra-Violence PC 00:45:00 PmGab Link
Doom II I'm Too Young To Die PC 00:30:00 PmGab Link
Mega Man 9 Any% Wii 00:35:00 SlurpeeNinja Link
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back any% No Game Over Abuse PlayStation (on a PS2) (PAL) 00:50:00 stumpdotio Link
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back 100% PlayStation (on a PS2) (PAL) 1:35:00 stumpdotio Link
SNES Any% SNES 6minutes Deln Link